Friday, March 08, 2013

Glyngøre church/ Glyngøre kirke, Viborg amt.

Glyngøre village and the church.

Glyngøre church was built 1918-1919. It has a nave, a choir and a tower with entrance. Upon the north side of the nave is a small building with a priest room etc. The building is in monk bricks and is whitewashed with a red tiled roof. The inside has a flat beamed ceiling.

The altarpiece is a painting, a copy after Joakim Skovgaard by Peter Skovgaard, given by stiftamtmand H. Grøn. The granite font was given by fru Villefrance, Hellerup. In the choir a painting, a copy after P.P. Rubens by Hellen Halk. Above the front hall is an organ gallery. Church ship, bark "Erik" from 1919.

Glyngøre fishing harbour

Listed prehistorics: 6 hills, among these the large Store Sundhøj.
Demolished or destroyed: 17 hills. 

Names from the 1600s: Glyngøre (1694-95 Glyngør), Sallingsund (1683 Ved Salingsund).

Source: Trap Danmark, Viborg amt. 1962

photo september 2012: grethe bachmann

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