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Rimsø church / Rimsø kirke, Djurs Nørre herred, Randers amt.

Rimsø Church, ab. 8 km northwest of Grenå
Rimsø sogn, Djurs Nørre herred, Randers amt
photo: stig bachmann nielsen
Naturplan Foto
Rimsø Church is a large impressive building with a Romanesque choir and nave and late Gothic additions, a tower to the west and a porch to the north. The Romanesque part is in granite ashlars. The northern portal is in use and the southern portal is walled-in with very rich decorations. It is similar to the portals in Ørsted and Vejlby made by Master Horder. The south portal was for a period kept at Sostrup Slot, but came back on its place in 1895. The choir has a circular window to the east and to the north a round arch window, both windows were re-opened in 1953-56. In the north wall of the nave is a bricked-up round arch window. In the late Gothic period ab. 1500-30 the choir arch was extended (ashlars from the Romanesque choir arch is placed upon the church yard north of the tower) and in the choir was built one, in the nave three cross-vaults. At the same time the strong tower in re-used ashlars and monk bricks was built. Its bottom room has an octagonal vault and a circular stair tower built in the northwest corner. The north gable has kept its Nordsjælland-Djursland decoration. The porch is in monk bricks and with a strange decoration, which surrounds the door and is flanked by pointed arch ornamentations. The building was restored in 1953-56.

The communion table is walled and the altar piece is a crucifixion group in oakwood made in 1953-56 by Eigil Vedel- Schmidt. The former altar piece from 1900 was a copy after a Carl Bloch-painting. A Romanesque granite font with a simple early Renaissance lid from 1587. Two baptismal basins 1) a small south German from ab. 1575 2) a large south German, given in 1689 by Marcus Schierph, but with an earlier coat of arms of Christen Skeel, ab. 1599. A pulpit in simple Renaissance from ab. 1610-25. A church bell ab. 1450, possibly by Johannes Nicolai with two minuscel-inscriptions.

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A very large runestone was found in the south side of the church wall. It stands now on a hill east of the church. A piece is broken and disappeared, therefore the inscription is defect: "Thore, Enrådes broder, rejste denne sten efter sin moder og --ku--authi som værst for sønnen (?)". = "Thore, Enråde's brother, raised this stone after his mother and -- ku -- authi as worst for the son (?).

Rimsø Præstegård (vicarage) origins from 1593
(rebuilt later) but is listed in class A.

photo: stig bachmann nielsen, Naturplan Foto

Names in the Middle Ages:
Rimsø = (1430 Rymsø, Rymsøø, 1441 Rimsø, 1443 Rømsøe)
Albæk = (*1346 Allnbeck sogenn, 1464 Almæbæk)

A main farm in Rimsø belonged in 1430 and 1446 to Torben Esgesen (Udsen), in 1496-96 to his son Svend Torbernsen (Udsen), who gave most of the estate to Sostrup, in 1661 the Crown sold the main farm in Rimsø etc. to Matheus Rudolphus Reinfranck.

Albækgård belonged to Claus Limbek in 1346; in 1431 Jens Henriksen Prip sold his halfpart of A. to Niels Krumpen and in 1465 his brother Niels Henriksen Prip sold his rights in A. to Niels Krumpen's son-in-law Erik Bille of Bjergbygård (+ ab. 1484). Frederik Ulfeldt's widow Birgitte Marsvin sold Albækgård in 1612, in 1664 it was a farm belonging to Sostrup. In 1735 and in 1793 the farm had serious sand drifts.

In the parish at the border to Gjerrild was a farm Tolstrup (1430 Tholstrop). The name Tolstrupdamme (1464 Tolstrup Dam) is still known in Gjerrild parish.

Listed prehistorics: One long hill and 10 hills, one hill northwest of the town is rather large and belonged to a group of which three are demolished.
Demolished or destroyed: One long dolmen, two stone cists and 25 hills; close to each other in a bog south of Emmelev were found two sacrifices: 5 flint axes in each. The large runestone see Rimsø church.

Source: Trap Danmark, Randers amt, 1963.

photo Rimsø kirke 2008: Stig Bachmann og grethe bachmann

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