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Dalbyneder church/Dalbyneder kirke, Randers amt

Dalbyneder church, ab. 12 km east of Mariager.

Dalbyneder, Gjerlev herred, Randers amt. 
The church in Dalbyneder has a Romanesque choir and nave with a late Gothic west tower and a neo Romanesque porch to the south. The Romanesque building is built in granite ashlars and has a bevel-plinth. Both doors are kept, the low south door is bricked  up, while the north door, which is in use, has a tympanum with a strange plaited cross with two lions. In the east wall of the choir, in its north wall and in the north wall of the nave are bricked up round-arched windows. The choir arch is sligthtly curved, this change was probably made at the same time as the choir had one and the nave two eight-ribbed vaults. The tower is built in granite ashlars and monk bricks. The bottom room with two equivalent cross vaults opens to the nave in a pointed arch. Its gables (north-south) have three highglares. The high porch, with bricked wall benches inside, has a step gable with five highglares flanked by circular glares.

In the cross vault were late Gothic frescoes from ab. 1500s brought to light in 1914. 

The altar piece contains parts of an early Renaissance altar piece with a fine carved grotesque decoration. Candelabres from the 1700s in sheet brass. A strange Romanesque granite font, its very small basin stands upon a foot looking like an upside down font with sepals, like the font in Vindblæs church.  A smooth brass dish with engraved initials EID. A pulpit in early Renaissance with coat of arms of Jørgen Lykke (+ 1583) and Beate Brahe. Upon the pews coat of arms of Otte Krumpen of Trudsholm (+ 1569), his second wife Anne Lykke and her first husband Anders Bille. Series pastorum from 1724 and 1764 for the priests in Udbyneder, Dalbyneder, Gjerlev and Vindblæs. In the church two small priest-paintings from 1700s. In the porch a holy water container in granite.

Epitaph in storbarok (great Baroque) for manager at Demstrup Otto Galthen (+ 1733); Ellen G. (+ 1735) and Peder G. (+ 1731). Under the choir burials for a parish priest Johs Jensen (+ 1655) and wife. Their pretty gravestone is inserted in the choir wall.

The væbner Jes Pele the Elder in Binderup is mentioned 1416. It is possible that the noble family Benderup origins from this village.

There are no listed prehistorics in the parish, but there were 6, now demolished hills, among them the high-placed Møgelhøj south southwest of Dalbyneder.     

At Dalbyneder were several claypot graves from early Roman Iron Age.

Source: Trap Danmark, Randers amt, 1963

foto Dalbyneder 2004: grethe bachmann