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Hals church / Hals kirke, Vendsyssel

Hals kirke, 29 km east of Aalborg

Hals church (Aalborg Kommune)  was built between 1250-1300, it was extended with longhouse choir and tower in ab. 1500, the porch and chapel are from ab. 1600. A thorough restauration in 1741 and 1920.  It was said that it was built at the initiation of the bishop of Børglum. The original church was a small late Romanesque brick church which wallwork is partly kept in the oldest section of the present church Hals church is the biggest village church in Denmark.

Hals church in the village of Hals lies by the eastern  outlet of Limfjorden and close to the sea of Kattegat. It was built in the late 1200 in bricks. About 1500 the church was extended with a longhouse choir to the east and a tower to the west. Later in the same century were built a porch to the south and a chapel for the Family Skeel of Hals Ladegaard 

Hals Ladegård was  situated west of the church until 1950 where it was broken down. .

In the choir stands a fine granitefont with double lions with protruding heads. The font belongs to the Himmerland-section of lion-fonts, which finest example is in Stenild church. The sounding board above the font is a carved late Baroque woodwork from 1727. The initials SH refer to king Frederik 4.'s pious sister Sophie Hedevig, who was a collector of estates. The princess owned Hals Ladegaard from 1716 until her death 1735.

In the choir is an extremely rare piece of inventory from ab. 1300: an incense burner in early Gothic style. Another medieval piece is the late Gothic choir arch crucifix.  (hangs on the wall of the nave)
The pulpit and the altarpiece is a simple Renaissance work from ab. 1600. The altarpiece is dominated by a biblical painting from 1899,. one of the paintings by the mass-producing Anton
Dorph, who was a diligent church painter around 1900. He painted dark, moralizing paintings for many Danish village churches.

Source: Danmarks Kirker, Niels Peter Stilling, 2000
photo: Google Earth 

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