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Træden church / Træden kirke, Tyrsting herred, Skanderborg amt.

Træden Church, ab. 15 km southwest of Skanderborg
Træden sogn, Tyrsting herred, Skanderborg amt.

The church has a Romanesque apse ,choir and nave with a porch to the south, probably from the 1800s and a tower from 1936 to the west. The Romanesque building is in granite ashlars. The straight-edged south door is in use, while the similiar to the north is bricked-up like a round arched window in the south wall of the nave. Inside is the round arched , crumbled choir arch in hard pan. The choir has a board ceiling, the nave a beamed ceiling. In 1774 the church owner let the apse break down, but had to build it again the same year in the same form. A probably late Gothic tower was broken down in 1783 after the spire had fell down during a storm, and the year 1783 and Fr. V.'s initials were written on the western gable of the nave. The porch is probably late Gothic, but very re-built in the second half of the 1800s and without characteristic details. In connection to a thourough restoration of the building a new tower was built in 1936.

The communion table has got oak tree-panels with carved fruit-bundles, probably from the altar -work in 1891, when an altar piece with a new painting was placed. The altar piece was in 1936 re-placed with a cross. A young Gothic limestone font ab. 1300-50; a Gotland work with fabulous monsters. A south German bowl from ab. 1550-75. The strangest inventory in the church is the pulpit, which is two carved sandstone plates with reliefs of the Evangelists from ab. 1570-80. It originates from a demolished chapel at Våbensholm, or maybe from Mattrup. Upon a series pastorum is used carvings from a Renaissance-altar piece of same type as in Tønning church. The bell is without inscription; it is probably from the Renaissance-period.

Træden, the village

There were two sacred wells in the parish: Horsekilde in Horsekildeagre at Træden mark and a well in Horsedal north of Bredvadmølle.

Names in the Middle Ages: Træden (1456 Thræden).

Listed prehistorics: 4 hills, of which 3, Rævehøj, Bavnehøj and Horsehøj, all at Træden mark (field) are rather large.
Demolished or destroyed: 35 hills, of which a large part were in a group west of Træden village.

Source: Trap Danmark, Skanderborg amt, 1964.

photo Træden kirke 2003: grethe bachmann

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