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Lundum church, Lundum kirke, Voer herred, Skanderborg amt.


The highplaced church in Lundum has a Romanesque choir and nave with a late Gothic tower to the west and a porch from the 1700s to the south. The Romanesque building is in granite ashlars and several travertines upon a bevel plinth. The rectangular south door is in use, while the bricked north door is vaguely traceable. From original windows - all bricked - is one traceable at the choir and two at the north side of the nave. The choir got inside in late Gothic period a cross vault, while the nave has a curved wooden ceiling from the 1800s. The late Gothic west tower is built in monk bricks and re-used ashlars. Its bottom room, which has an octagonal vault, opens to the nave in a broad pointed arch. The east-west gable has to the east a rich glare-decoration of twin-round arched high glares with a small double round arch glare in the top above savskifter (stone placed diagonally)   The west gable is probably from the 1700s. In a rebuild of the inside the triumph wall got neo-Gothic shapes.

Altarpiece in Renaissance from the beginning of the 1600s, now cleansed and with a carved (scratched) biblical picture upon wood. Candelabres in Renaissance, ab. 1500-1600s. Romanesque granite font with a smooth profiled basin upon new base. A small crucifix from 1600s. Pulpit in high Renaissance, ab. 1600, with Tuscany corner pillars. A bell without inscription, no date.

A royal vildtbanesten (used as a border stone for the king's hunting ground) with monogram of Chr. VI and the year 1743 stands at Dagmarsgård.

Listed prehistorics: upon  Julianelyst mark (field) is a pretty, square dolmen chamber Gammelmand with a large cover stone; in Julianelyst skov a smaller hill.
Demolished or destroyed: 5 hills. 

At Lundumskov and Ødekirke Huse were found claypot burials from early Roman Iron Age.

Names from the Middle Ages: Lundum (1390 Lundum); Lundumskov (1349 Lundomskouff); Lundum Møllegård (1578 Lundum Mølle): 

Sources: Trap Danmark, Skanderborg amt, 1964.

photo 2003/2011: grethe bachmann

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