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Urlev church/Urlev kirke, Bjerre herred, Vejle amt.

The whitewashed church has a Romanesque choir and nave with a modern tower at the south side, which bottom room functions as a porch. The Romanesque section is built in travertine and raw boulder. The north side is almost untouched, but it is supported by six heavy pillars. Inside is the unprofiled round choir arch, while all the south side seems rebuilt in the late Gothic period from the old material, mixed with large amounts of monk bricks, probably contemporary to that a cross vault was built in the choir and two octagonal rib vaults in the nave. From the broad straight-edged doors the south door is in use, while the north door is bricked.The high Gothic west gable has five Gothic glares. A porch, which probably was late Gothic, was removed in 1942, and on its place a tower was built in late Gothic style. All roofs are tiled.

House in Urlev

The altarpiece from 1610 is a joinery in simple high Renaissance with a re-found painting and a decoration from 1757 with the coat of arms and initials of Johannes de Hofman. A later painting, a copy from the 1800s by a Carlo Dolci painting, is kept in the church. Altarchalice from 1710. Late Gothic candelabres with three rings on the shaft.  A small late Gothic crucifix, probably used originally for procession-use. A pretty early Gothic baptismal font, a Gotland limestone work with sepals and a diamond frieze upon a new foot, the old foot stands on the church yard. A smooth dish, probably from the 1700s. The pulpit is a solid carving in Baroque from 1656.  The pews contain parts from 1633, but were re-newed in 1981. A bell from the late 1100s, which has a small engraved consegration-cross with four lesser crosses in the angles.- In the porch under the tower two grave trees. 

Mill between Urlev and Uth.

The væbner Jes Assersen in Urlev is mentioned in 1458; in Spettrup lived in 1484 and 1503 Anders Munk, who had the coat of arms of the family Jernskæg, in 1533 Niels Poulsen (Børialsen).

While digging a ditch in the garden of the sognefoged (parish mayor) in Spettrup were in 1871 found 333 coins from Erik Menved's and Christopher II.'s rule, put down ab. 1325.

There are no listed prehistorics in the parish, but there were one dolmen and 3 hills.

Source: Trap Danmark, Vejle amt, 1964.

photo 2008: grethe bachmann

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