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Store Dalby church, Store Dalby kirke, Hatting herred, Vejle amt.

The small whitewashed church in Dalby has a cernel of  a Romanesque choir and nave with a porch to the south and a bell-step above the western gable from 1868. The Romanesque building was originally built in raw and cleaved granite boulder with carved corner ashlars, but is generally marked by thorough facings with small bricks. From original details are kept the round choir-arch with profiled kragsten, the straight-edged south door, the almost destroyed north door and two round-arched windows to the north, one in the nave, one in the choir, both bricked up in the frame. In the late Gothic period was inserted one window in the choir, one in the nave and two cross vaults. In a main reparation in 1868 large sections of the outer walls were faced walled. The choir gable was renewed, and a porch was built.

church dike
The altarpiece is a very simple Renaissance-frame around a painting from the second half of the 1800s. Silvered Baroque candelabres with winded shafts. A Romanesque granite font with a cylindric basin with a carved leaf-garland and a truncated foot with corner blocks. It is related to the fonts in Korning and Ølsted. A Netherland dish, ab.1620 . A pulpit in early Renaissance, ab. 1575, with grotesque decorations, very restored. A barrel-shaped bell from the late 1500s by Jørgen Hansen.

wild strawberries
Stovnbjerggård was a farm under Bygholm in 1662. Owners: 1844 Nicolaj August Th. Harries, 1858 I.C. Abrahamsen,  1868 C. Gjedde, 1874 grev Christian Bille Scheel, 1876 Ludvig A. Neergaard, 1878 A. Dons, 1882 R.V.F.V. Jensen, 1892 Rasmus Ingwersen, in 1961: Kjeld Lorenzen.
The farm lies in a magnificent scenic landscape.

There are no preserved prehistorics in the parish, but there were 5 hills.

Names in the Middle Ages and 1600s: 
St. Dalby (1300s Dalbydigeermark, 1420 Dalby); Stovnbjerggård (1610 Stounbierig, 1683 Stouenbierg gaard).

Source: Trap Danmark, Vejle amt,. 1964.  

photo Dalby 2007: grethe bachmann

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