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Vester Nebel church/ Vester Nebel kirke, Brusk herred , Vejle amt.

Vester Nebel, ab. 8 km northwest of Kolding

Vester Nebel kirke
The whitewashed tiled church in Vester Nebel has a choir with a flat altar wall, a nave, a tower to the west and a porch at the north side. The Romanesque cernel: the choir and the nave, are mostly built in raw granite boulder upon a carved  bevelled plinth. The rests of a Romanesque window, found in the church yard, has now been inserted in the porch. The south door is bricked-up,but all traces seem now to have disappeared, while the north door is still in function, but remade. In the late Middle Ages the church got a tower in monk bricks with a vaulted bottom room, which opens to the nave in a point arched arcade. In the middle of the north side of the tower is a round arched door opening, earlier accessible by a ladder, and further entrance to the bell storey. In a restoration in 1945 the tower was face-walled in two sides. At the same time a porch was built in front of the north door. From here is access to the church loft and the bell in the tower. In the same restoration the old beamed ceilings of the choir and the nave were brought to light, like the preserved Romanesque granite choir arch  had its old plaster layer removed.

The altarpiece upon a wooden communion table is a painting by P.Møller, 1889. The old altarpiece, which in 1900-1938 was kept at Koldinghus Museum, hangs now upon the south wall (in 1964). It is a Lutheranian  triptychon from ab. 1570 with framework in leaf-decoration in Italian Renaissance. In the middle field and the wings are newer paintings, probably from ab. 1840, while the outside of the wings have original paintings. A Romanesque granite font with a high, smooth basin, a rope decoration around the edge and a low foot. The pulpit has a new-bricked entrance and foot piece in a late Gothic form, high, narrow and prism shaped with carvings and gilt Gothic work in the fields and narrow corner balustres in Italian Renaissance from ab. 1560-70. Newer pews from the end of the 1800s. In the tower room a new organ, A Zachariassen, 1946. Three chandeliers in the nave from 1862. The tower bell is from 1946, Jydsk Jernstøberi, Brønderslev.

earlier Vester Nebel's Mill, was bought in 1794 by H.A.Wulff (+ 1850).
In 1964 owner M. Frederiksen.
The main building lies in Vester Nebel river valley. It was  was built in 1804 by H.A. Wulff

There are no listed prehistorics in the parish but there were 6 hills.

From Dons Søndersø (a lake) are known settlements from the Gudenåkultur.
Southwest of Vester Nebel were found 6 guldbrakteater (Roman coins)  and some glass pearls.

Names from the Middle Ages: Vester Nebel (1231 Nybøl).

Source: Trap Danmark, Vejle amt, 1964.   

photo. Google Earth 2013.

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