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Karlby church / Karlby kirke, Djurs Nørre herred, Randers amt

Karlby church, ab. 6 km north of Grenå
Karlby sogn, Djurs Nørre herred, Randers amt

The white-chalked church is placed upon a hill in Karlby village. It has a Romanesque nave, which was extended to the west and changed into a longhouse building in late Gothic period, a late Gothic tower to the west and a porch to the south. The building-time of the porch is not indefinite. The Romanesque building is in limestone ashlars, and the best preserved section is the north side. The almost disappeared north door was placed in a portal and above the door are two picture ashlars, one with Samson and the Lion. The round arched south door is in use.

It is not known when, but possibly in the Roman period was the building extended to the west. The extension is also in limestone ashlars and in the north west corner is a stairway to the loft. In the late Gothic period ab. 1500 was the original choir demolished and replaced by a longhouse choir, mostly in monk bricks - and in the whole longhouse were built four cross vaults. At the same time a small tower was built in limestone and tile with a large point arched opening to the west. The porch has no details which tells about its age but it was possibly built ab. 1800. The walls of the church are re-walled with small bricks, and in a limestone ashlar on the north side are carved initials and the year 1777.

The communion table is covered in panelwork from the Renaissance. The altarpiece with frames from a High Renaissance altar piece has a painting from 1928.(Højrenæssance in Denmark from 1580-1610) .The earlier painting from ab. 1700 hangs upon the church wall. A Romanesque granite font with leaf-decorations and a square footpiece. The pulpit is a simple joinery in Renaissance from ab. 1600 with a contemporary sounding board.

Names in the Middle Ages:
Karlby (1388 Karlby) .

There are no listed prehistoric in the parish; there was a very large Torsagerhøj and a few dolmens, but their place is not known. In Karlby Mose was found a skeleton with cloth pieces and a leather cape.

Source: Trap Danmark, Randers amt, 1963

photo Karlby kirke 2003: grethe bachmann

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