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Lemming church/ Lemming kirke, Hids herred, Viborg amt.

Lemming church , ab. 9 km north of Silkeborg

Lemming parish, Hids herred, Viborg amt. 

Lemming church has a Romanesque choir and nave and a western tower from 1786. The choir and nave is built in granite ashlars upon a bevelled plinth. In the re-built walls are no original details on their place, but the Romanesque south portal with two half columns and two free columns is placed as a western entrance in the tower. The portal's tympanum lies as a stepping stone in front of the door. In the late Middle Ages were built cross vaults in the choir. The tower, which is built in monk bricks, has flatcurved peepholes and a lead roofed pyramid spire. The weather wing has the inscription F. 1786 (for the building master Jean A. Fischer of Allinggård and the time of building). Above the tower room, which is covered by a barrel vault and serves as a porch, is - like in the almost contemporary tower in the neighbouring church Svostrup - furnished a barrel vaulted gallery with a broad flatcurved opening in the gable wall towards the nave. Between the porch and the gallery is a staircase in the south wall; there is entrance to the other storey of the tower via a hatch in the vault of the gallery. At the same time as the building of the tower, the choir and nave were equipped with a profiled tiled corniche,and the gable field of the choir was rebuilt in monk bricks.

Communion table panel with simple Renaissance-profiles. Altarpiece from ab. 1600 with paintings from 1905. (Poul Steffensen). Altar candelabres from the late 1800s. In a deep cupboard-niche behind the altar are two narrow Renaissance panels with arcades. A Romanesque granite font in West Jutland type. A baptismal dish, a South German work from ab. 1550 with the coat of arms of Habsburg and a deer-and-hound-frieze, acc. to inscription given to the church 1713 by parish priest Anders Hvas and wife, whose initials are found on a wrought iron rail from 1727, which is now placed in front of the gallery in the tower, but which probably originally served as an altar rail. Pulpit in the common Renaissance-type like other pulpits in the local district with entrance via the triumph wall, and a later sounding board. Pews from 1936. The bell was cast by Reimer in Randers in 1786. It has a memorial inscription for Chr. Fischer of Alling and Grauballegård and medaillons with portraits of Danish kings.

Jens Nielsen of Nissetgård is mentioned in 1448 (Nestued gaard). Its place with rests of graves is still known.

In the parish is mentioned the farms Nisset Overgård (1683 Neszit Offrgaard) and Vestergård (1491 Wester gaard) in Lemming and the mill, Rænemølle (1432 Rænsmølle, 1433 Rænemølle) at Lemming Å (water stream). The mill belonged to Alling kloster.

Listed prehistorics: A rather large, somewhat outdigged Østermark høj east of Lemming. 
Demolished or destroyed: 3 hills.

A strange animal trap in wood, which probably origins from prehistoric time, was found in a moor, Nisset Nørremose

Names in the Middle Ages: Lemming (1315 Leming); Nisset (1425 Neszitt).


Source: Trap Danmark, Viborg amt, 1962.

photo: borrowed from Google Earth, gb.


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