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Sejling church/ Sejling kirke, Hids herred, Viborg amt.

Sejling church, ab. 5 km north of Silkeborg

Sejling parish, Hids herred, Viborg amt. 

The church in Sejling has a Romanesque choir and nave and a late Gothic western tower, which was rebuilt in 1782. The choir and nave are built in granite ashlars upon a bevelled plinth. From original details is kept the south portal, which however has been moved to the western entrance of the tower, probably in the rebuild in 1782. The portal is flanked by two pair half columns with decorated capitals. The nave has a beamed ceiling, the choir an octagonal late Gothic rib vault. At the time of the vault building it seems that the choir arch was changed into a broad pointed arch, but it has since by "brick-out" been changed into a narrower flat round arch. The tower, which on the outer side has a facing wall in monk bricks above relocated ashlars from the west gable of the nave, has a lead roofed pyramid spire with a weather wing with initials of the church owner Jean A. Fischer of Allinggård and the year 1782. While the tower outside is marked by the rebuild in 1782, the inside of the bottom room and the middle storey have a medieval wallwork. From the tower room, which has a cross vault and functions as a porch, is a staircaise to the middle storey. At the same time as the rebuild of the tower the choir and nave got some profiled brick cornices, and the gable field of the choir was rebricked with monk bricks.

The altarpiece is Renaissance from 1613. In the big field is placed a small plaster copy of Thorvaldsen's Kristus. A chalice and a dish from 1782 made by goldsmith Chr. Pedersen Høvring in Randers. Large altar candelabres from the late 1800s. Two older altar candelabres in sheet brass with the initials of the giver and year 1704 were found at the loft of the church. A silver oblate box with the year 1682 was according to inscription  given to the church in 1719 by Anne Paulina Jegind. A wine jar in silver made by goldsmith Johan Mehl in Viborg and given to the churh in 1734 by parish priest Niels Henrichsen (+ 1748) and wife, whose gravestone with Evangelist reliefs is inserted in the north wall of the tower. A large Romanesque granite font in West Jutland type. Two baptismal dishes of South German work from the 1500s with carvings and the years 1650 and 1727. A pulpit in Renaissance from the beginning of the 1600s with several small arcade decorations and column-divided bays and an entrance via the triumph wall, some of the carvings are copies made in the 1920s, and the pulpit was made larger. A newer sounding board. Closed pews in Renaissance type. Organ upon a gallery in the west end of the nave. Series pastorum in the nave. Bell from 1846, cast by Meilstrup in Randers.

There are no listed prehistorics in the parish, but there were 6 hills.

Names from the Middle Ages: Sejling (1452 Seyling, 1508 Seylyng, Seylingh); Ebstrup (1508 Epstrop, Epstrvp); Elkær (1484 Vester Elkier, 1501 Elkier).

Source: Trap Danmark, Viborg amt, 1962.

photo: borrowed from Google earth 2013

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