Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Orebygård, Lolland


Hotel and Restaurant by Oreby Mill

Old granary by Oreby Mill

Orebygaard has a beautiful situation by the mouth of Sakskøbing fjord and close to the little place of disembarkation Oreby harbor with inn and old granaries. The Valdemar kings had a castle here in the 1200s. In the 1400s the castle owner was the family Bølle.The last member of the family Bølle was Birgitte Bølle , who built a fine Renaissance house like the neighbouring Berritsgaard. The architect was probably Hans Steenwinckel den Ældre.

During the next centuries the manor was gradually neglected, but in 1775 Poul Abraham Lehn of Hvidkilde at Funen bought Oreby. A descendant had the whole building restored in the beginning of the 1800s, which removed most of the Renaissance look.

The present castle building which is built in the 1870s upon the foundations of the Renaissance manor is an attempt to reconstruct the 1500s-building with portal, towers and curving gables.

The part with public admittance is the pretty place Oreby Mill by the Oreby harbor. From the mill which now is "Bed and Breakfast" and wine cellar is a wonderful view across the big sloping lawns to the waters by Sakskøbing fjord.

photo 2007: grethe bachmann

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