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Østofte church / Østofte kirke, Fuglse herred, Maribo amt, Lolland

Østtofte church with the square medieval tower

Behind Østtofte church is a view to an old stubmølle. A stubmølle is a windmill built in wood and placed upon a foot so the whole mill is turned by the wind. Most stubmøller in Denmark were built between 1200-1800, where the Dutch windmill took over.

A few km northwest of Maribo lies Østtofte church. The church dominates the landscape with its large late medieval tower. The church was built in the 1200s. The tower is almost square with a pyramid roof and it is different from other Danish Gothic church towers. It looks more like a German city portal. The tower's holes indicate that there once might have been an outdoor wooden watchman's gallery.

The porch is from the end of the Middle Ages, while the northern wing is from 1656. The choir is covered with frescoes. The unique pictures in the star-vault are painted ab. 1380, probably by a German master and they belong to the most important in Denmark because of the well-kept colours and the unique representation of Adam's death and the biblical people in dresses from the 1300s. The Baroque pulpit is from 1640s and the altar piece is dated to 1674 . An early Gothic choir-crucifix is in the National Museum in Copenhagen.

In Østtofte and Sørup the king owned estate in Valdemar Sejr's ruling period.
Near Erikstrup in the forest Skåningshave is one of Denmarks most impressive castle banks Eriksvolde with beautiful old trees. It consists of two ab. 33 m broad castle banks, both surrounded by motts and a common bank. Outside the inner bank is another mott and a lower outer bank. The motts are still partly water-filled. The history about this place is not known.

photo 2004: grethe bachmann

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