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Spørring church / Spørring kirke, Vester Lisbjerg herred, Aarhus amt.

Spørring church, foto stig bachmann nielsen,
The whitewashed church in Spørring, which is placed upon a bank in the village, is a Romanesque ashlar building with nave and  a choir with apse and a later added tower at the western gable and a porch on the south side. The Romanesque section, nave choir and apse are built in granite ashlars on a bevel plinth. The apse has got a profiled cornice, and behind the altar is a bricked-up circular window, visible from outside. Upon the apse wall two chessboards. A bricked-up Romanesque window is in the north wall of the choir and of the nave. Both doors are preserved, the low north door, which is bricked-up, is seen from the inside with a beamed lintel . 

chessboard on apse
indistinct chessboard on apse

The choir arch inside is remade with a pointed arch in the Gothic period, in the south wall is inside a bricked-up opening like an arrow slit, probably a medieval leprosy window. In the late Middle Ages were built starshaped vaults, one in the choir, three in the nave, all with frescoe decoration,  animal motives etc. The press from the vault has pressed the north wall out of place. and it has now been supported by pillars. In the late Middle Ages was built a tower in monk bricks by the west gable with a staircase interred in the north wall. The tower was later, not known when, broken down to cornice height, while a new tower was built in 1935 upon the old bottom with a high spire. The late medieval porch in front of the south door has got steps and a pointed door frame. In the floor of the porch is a Romaneque gravestone with two procession-crosses, on the east wall is a gravestone from the 1700s with a destroyed inscription field. Upon a new communion table is the old carved triptychon altar piece from ab. 1500, very restored, and some ore candelabres from 1655 with the names of Jens Madsen and wife. A Romanesque granite font in the choir. A pulpit from ab. 1700. The church was restored in 1935  (new tower) and 1955 , and medieval frescoes were brought to light.

Asser Rampe conveyed in 1306 his farm in Spørring to Århus chapter.

In the parish is earlier mentioned the farm Adsersgård (1544 Aszersgård)

stone church yard

Upon Spørring Mill's field was in 1879 found 1620 coins from Erik Klipping and Erik Menved's ruling period, digged down ab. 1318.

There are no listed prehistorics in the parish, but there were 15 hills. Some finds from Iron Age.

Names in the Middle Ages: Spørring (1306 Spyrind, 1439 Spørynge).

Source: Trap Danmark, Århus amt, 1963.

photo: grethe bachmann and stig bachmann  nielsen,

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Hej Grethe, it's wonderful, that you are travelling to see other churches. And this two chessboards I also never saw on any website. The second one is really very indistinct. I hpe I will find him, if I ever come to this church. I have to hurry up coming to Denmark :)
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