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Serritslev church, Vendsyssel, North Jutland

Serritslev church, 5 km north of Brønderslev/wikipedia

Serritslev church lies in the village Serritslev in North Jutland close to a Bronze age hill Klanghøj . and with a bell frame upon the grave hill. The church was built in the middle of the 1100 in granite ashlars in the Romanesque style. The plinth is in granite ashlars with a bevelled edge. The porch was added on the north side in the 1500s in red monk bricks, it is whitewashed and has a tiled roof, while   nave and the choir have a leaden roof. Upon the northern wall are two original windows, and another upon the south wall of the choir. On the south side is a bricked up men's door. Both in the nave and in the choir on the south side are small square holes in the wall, and the same in the north side of the choir -  they are leper-windows from where the sick could get the sacrament.

In 1529 the church had to send their church bell to the king's canon foundry in Copenhagen, another bell from ab. 1550 is kept at Vendsyssels historiske Museum in Hjørring. The present bell is from the Middle Ages and was cast at A/S Jysk Jernstøberi in Brønderslev.

interior/ wikipedia
The interior was restored in the late 1950s. The granite font origins probably from the church building. The baptismal dish in brass has the year 1714, but it is supposed to be 100 years older. The baptismal jar is from 1985. The crucifix upon the south wall is from the Middle Ages and was originally placed above the choir arch. The altar table is in granite ashlars and the triptychon altarpiece in oak is from 1959. The pulpit is from 1626 and the entrance to the pulpit is in the inside wall of the choir.

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