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Kvols church / Kvols kirke, Fjends herred, Viborg amt.

Kvols Church, 10 km northwest of Viborg
Kvols sogn, Fjends herred, Viborg amt.

The church bell & a simple and rare wooden cross

The high-placed church in Kvols has a Romanesque choir and nave in granite-ashlars. The ashlar-size is irregular. The walled-in south door is traceable outside, while the high round-arched north door is in use. Upon the north side of the nave is a bricked-up round arched window and a similar on the north side of the choir and in the east gable. Inside are beamed ceilings; the original choir arch is preserved with profiled kragbånd. The tower was built in the late Gothic period in re-used ashlars, raw boulder and monk bricks. Its bottom room is connected to the nave in a broad round arch and to the west is a round arched window with a monolit-cover stone. The porch is probably from the end of the 1800t, built in small bricks.

A simple altar piece in neo-Gothic with Thorvaldsen's Christ in plaster. Well-preserved late Gothic chalice ab. 1500 with a Latin minuskel-inscription. Baluster-shaped Renaissance candelabres ab. 1600 upon lion-figures. A late Romanesque thurible is in Viborg Museum. A Romanesque granite font with new-carved ornaments and a new foot. A baptismal bowl from ab. 1625. A simple, pretty pewter jug from the beginning of the 1800s. A pulpit in Renaissance, ab. 1575 with portal-fields under pretty, carved paternal and maternal coat of arms of Niels Kaas.

at Hjarbæk fjord

In 1438 Niels Eriksen (Banner) had a thing's witness that Nørhedenæs (Nørhædenæss) and Kurgård were Niels Godskesen's estate. The same year Brune Erik (Banner) conveyed the estate to his brother, above mentioned Niels Eriksen. In 1579 Kurgård came with Vinderslevgård to the Crown.

Listed prehistorics: a medium large hill in the southwest corner of parish.
Demolished or destroyed: 22 hills, mainly in the western part of the parish.

Source: Trap Danmark, Viborg amt, 1962.

photo Kvols kirke/Hjarbæk November 2007: grethe bachmann

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