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Læsten church / Læsten kirke, Sønderlyng herred, Viborg amt

Læsten church, ab. 12 km west of Randers
Læsten sogn, Sønderlyng herred, Viborg amt.

The small church in Læsten is situated in the southern part of the village, surrounded by boulder-dikes in a picturesque and very hilly landscape. The choir and nave are built in Romanesque ashlar-carved granite boulders. Two Romanesque windows are preserved in the choir, both bricked-up, while a similar window in the north wall of the nave is still in use. All traces of the south door have gone, while the straight-edged north door is still in use. The tower and the porch were probably built at the same time by moving and re-using some ashlars , the year 1887 in the weather vane seems to indicate this. The tower is in the shape of a wall-pillar in front of the west gable of the nave, in the bottom in ashlars, above in bricks; and it has a lead thatched wooden lantern.

Inside are beamed ceilings and the Romanesque choir arch is preserved with strongly profiled kragsten. The altar is a newer painting in a gilt frame. Chalice from 1729 with Plessens' coat of arms. A simple Romanesque granite font. A small prism-shaped pulpit from the first half of the 1600s; in the fields are symbolic pietistic paintings from 1700s, re-discovered 1925. Restoration 1961.

Skals Å

Names in the Middle Ages: Læsten (1355 Læsten).

Listed prehistorics: 4 hills.
Demolished or destroyed: a Stone Age chamber and 12 hills. - In a moor close to the southwestern corner of the parish was in 1837-38 found Denmarks largest amber-finding , ab. 4000 pieces, partly pearls, partly lumpy pierced amber pieces; the finding, which origin from early Stone Age was probably placed in a wooden vessel.

Source: Trap Danmark, Viborg amt, 1962.

photo Læsten kirke 2002: grethe bachmann

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