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Låstrup church/ Låstrup kirke, Rinds herred, Viborg amt

Låstrup Church, ab. 20 km southeast of Hobro.
Låstrup sogn, Rinds herred, Viborg amt.

The small church in Låstrup has a Romanesque choir and nave with a late Gothic porch to the south. The Romanesque building is built in raw granite boulder with corner ashlars and carved stones around doors and windows. The straight-edged north door is in use, while the south door is only vaguely traceable. In the western gable is a walled arcade with kragsten, which once lead out to a hall or maybe to the bottom section of a tower, of which a part of the eastern wall still stands. One original window is preserved in the north gable of the choir while another in the north wall is vaguely traceable. Inside are beamed ceilings; the choir arch is partly bricked up in monk bricks with kragbånd. The porch in front of the north door is built in the late Gothic period with a flat round-arched door in a twin point-arched frame. Restoration of church in 1929.

A fine altar piece in High-Renaissance ab. 1600 with paintings, which probably are the originals. The chalice is put together in pieces from various periods, late Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque. Candelabres given in 1590 by Christoffer Michelsen of Lundbæk with his and his wife's (Juel) initials and coat of arms C M D I. South German baptismal bowl 1575 with Habsburg-coat of arms. Romanesque granite font with a smooth basin and a foot with heads on the corners. Pulpit in High-Renaissance ab. 1600 like the altar piece and with evangelist-paintings. The old pews from 1575 with the coat of arms of Munk and Schirnov are now at Viborg Stiftsmuseum. Between nave and porch a pretty, iron-mounted door from the reformation-period, possibly contemporary to the porch.

At the church yard is a memorial stone over 7 English and American air-pilots who are buried here. Their plane was shot down 15 October 1944.

Simested Ådal

Hr. Mogens Dal got in 1343 estate in Låstrup from the Crown; in 1346 he conveyed it to the bishop in Viborg. - In 1351 rigskansler Niels Jensen Munk (Vinranke-M.) owned estate in L., later it came to his sons Jens (1379-14049, Christiern (1379) and Peder Nielsen Munk (1404).
The first-mentioned's son's son hr. Jens Madsen Munk had in 1477 the king's confirmation on his ownership of i.e. Østergård (1477 Østregordh) in L. , while Christiern Munk's son's son Jens Nielsen Munk in 1488 pawned Bjergegård (*1488 Biergegard) in L. to bishop Niels Glob in Viborg.

Listed prehistorics: 26 hills. Large are Storhøj north of the church, which contains a stone cist, and the two Stavnshøje in the heath nortwest in the parish and Møgelhøj at Borup.
Demolished or destroyed : 5 passage graves and 34 hills. In Lamhøj was found a grave from the Viking period with sword, spear, spurs etc.; it was placed above a grave with a dagger from Bronze Age.

Source: Trap Danmark, Aalborg amt, 1962

photo Låstrup kirke/Simested Ådal 2007/2009: grethe bachmann

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