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Værum church / Værum kirke, Galten herred, Randers amt.

Værum Church, ab. 5 km southwest of Randers.
Værum sogn, Galten herred, Randers amt.

The small church has a Romanesque choir and nave and a medieval porch. The choir and nave are in granite ashlars; the south portal has animal figures and windings in the thympanum field, while the north door is bricked-up. From the earliest time is also kept the choir arch with kragsten with animal -windings and a window in the north wall of the choir. The porch, built in the late Middle Ages, was partly rebuilt in 1886.

Inside are flat plaster ceilings. Upon the communion table is a pretty, carved altar piece from ab. 1675 in the carver Henrik Alversen's style, in the middle field a newer painting from the 1800s. A decorated front on the communion table, contemporary to the altar piece. A large Romanesque granite font with lion figures. Upon the triumph wall hangs an early Gothic crucifix. Pulpit from 1877. In the nave is a wooden epitaph for Chr. Pedersen Sommer, set up 1696. Upon the south wall of the nave hangs series pastorum 1691-1796, placed in a Baroque epitaph-frame, probably by the same carver as the altar piece. In the north side of the choir is walled-in a black-painted limestone tablet as a memorial of parish dean Nicolaus Wedel (+ 1779) and wife Elsebeth Ritter (+ 1750) and three children , tablet set up in 1782, a later added memorial inscription for the son parish priest Søren Wedel (+ 1787) and wife Kirstine Bay (+ 1801).


Names in the Middle Ages and 1600s:
Værum (1342 Wærum); Nørgård (* 1463 Nøregaard); Værum Vandmølle (1683 Wærum Mølle).

Hr. Stig Andersen (Hvide) conveyed in 1342 among others his estate in Værum to his brother Uffe Andersen (Hvide). In 1463 pawned Eggert Vestenie Nørregård in V. to hr. Axel Lavesen Brok.

No prehistorics are known in the parish.

Source: Trap Danmark, Randers amt, 1963

photo Værum kirke 2003: grethe bachmann

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