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Voer church / Voer kirke, Rougsø herred, Randers amt.

Voer church, ab. 12 km northeast of Randers
Voer Sogn, Rougsø herred, Randers amt

The original choir and nave are Romanesque in granite ashlars. The tower is placed to the west and the porch to the south. The impressive south door, which is still in use, has relief-carved picture work - whereas the north door and a priest door in the south wall of the choir are bricked-up. There are rests of window cover stones in the walls. During the late Middle Ages the walls were re-made and a tower was built with pointed arch arcades opening out and with a pyramid spire. The tower was partly built in re-used ashlars in the bottom and in monk bricks above. The choir arch was broadened and in ab. 1500 it was equipped with frescoes of Christ and Mary with the Infant Jesus, restored in 1899.

Sundial and the lion font (click to enlarge)

The inside of the church has a beamed ceiling and has achieved its present look from a main repair in 1950. The communion table is covered in a front panel with paintings from 1590 and the names of the donors from Stenalt: the coat of arms and initials of Jacob Bjørn and Anne Krabbe. The altar decoration is a crucifix, carved by sculptor Eigil Vedel Schmidt in 1953. The old triptychon with the coat of arms of Bjørn Andersen and his wives Sidsel Ulfstand and Karen Friis is now in the National Museum. Romanesque font with lion figures ; two baptismal bowls 1) south German from the end of the 1500s, 2) a larger bowl with engraved ornaments and inscription:" C I F. A I D. 1720". Pulpit in simple Renaissance with a contemporary sounding board. The pews were re-made, but the old gables from 1607 preserved. Upmost in the church are a couple of master and mistress-pews with gables from 1604 and with the coat of arms of Jacob Bjørn and Anne Krabbe. In the choir a parish clerk-chair from 1607 and a priest-chair from 1649. In the wall of the porch is a gravestone walled-in with the year 1431 and an inscription for fru Bolde Mus of Stenalt and her coat of arms; the stone is supposedly much later than 1423. A Romanesque grave stone with a cross is a threshold stone at the door of the porch. An old grave stone, probably from the beginning af of the 1600s, lies in front of the plinth of the tower. Series pastorum in the porch.

In the parish was a farm Kallesgård (* 1375 Kallisgaard), which Bo Leigel in 1375 conveyed to Jens Mus together with his main farm Stenalt.

There are none and it seems there have not been any prehistorics in the parish. - A kitchen midden is known from Voer ferry station.

Source: Trap Danmark, Randers amt, 1963.

photo Voer kirke 2003: grethe bachmann

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