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Vester Tørslev church / Vester Tørslev kirke, Nørhald herred, Randers amt.

Vester Tørslev Church, 5 km southeast of Hobro
Vester Tørslev sogn, Nørhald herred, Randers amt.

The small narrow church in Vester Tørslev has a Romanesque choir and nave with late Gothic additions, a tower to the west and a porch to the south. The Romanesque building is in granite ashlars; both high round arch doors are preserved, the north door bricked-up, the south door is in use. In the east wall of the choir is a bricked-up window, a similar to the north is re-opened, while the original windows in the nave are bricked-up. The choir and nave have flat beamed ceilings, and the small choir arch is preserved with profiled kragsten. The west tower is built in raw granite boulder, it has a pyramid spire, re-newed in 1924. It is from the late Gothic period like the porch. The building was restored in 1950, where a pretty frescoe from the 1300s was brought to light.

The communion table in granite ashlars was re-walled in 1950. Altar piece in Jugend-style from ab. 1900 with painting. Romanesque granite font with lions and human figures. South German baptismal bowl ab. 1575. A small Gothic-like pulpit ab. 1550 . The bell ( damaged by fire?) was cast by Rudolph Melchior. Church ship, the frigate "Effata" from 1924. In the porch is a runestone, which was found by the old road between V. Tørslev and gettrup and where the inscription says: "hala, litu søn rejste denne sten efter sin broder Asulv". ("hala, litu's son raised this stone after his brother Asulv").

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Maren Torbensdatter in Tørslevgård is mentioned in 1477. Niels Skade's widow Kirsten Lauridsdatter Munk (Vinranke-M.) of T. lived 1611; she is buried in V. Tørslev kirke.

In the parish is earlier mentioned a farm Vingegård (* 1458 Wingigaardtz marck). Tørslev mølle, which belonged to Mariager kloster, is mentioned 1412 and 1483.

Name in the Middle Ages: Vester Tørslev (* 1447 Thørsløff).

Listed prehistorics: At Tørslev hede a long dolmen without chamber, southwest of V. Tørslev a dolmen chamber Tørslevstenen with a polygonal chamber and cover stone with hollows. Furthermore 20 hills, i.e. the large Tinghøj at a hillside, Bolsbjerge, where were several hills; southwest of V. Tørslev is the pretty Lynghøj.
Demolished or destroyed: A round dolmen, a passage grave, an undefinable stone grave, 37 hills and 3 stone circles.

Source: Trap Danmark, Randers amt, 1963.

photo Vester Tørslev kirke 2003: grethe bachmann

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