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Egens church / Egens kirke, Mols herred, Randers amt.

Egens Church, 15 km northwest of Ebeltoft
Egens sogn, Mols herred, Randers amt


View from the church, Kalø Castle ruin in the distance
photo: 2003

The white-chalked church in Egens is placed upon the top of a tall hill with a fine view to Egens Vig and Kalø Vig (inlets). The whole building is probably late medieval, outside built in monk bricks and inside in granite boulder. The church has a longhouse with a styltetårn (stilted tower) and a northern porch. The original flat-curved, rabbet north door is still into use.

On the communion table , a pine panel covered with a velvet altar cloth, is a two winged altar piece with paintings from 1928. Late Gothic altar candlesticks upon three lions. Altar rails from 1700s acroos the room with carved balustres. The Romanesque granite font with double lion reliefs is similar to the fonts in the nearby churches Skødstrup and Bregnet. South German baptismal bowl from 1575. The pulpit is from the late 1500s in five bays. Bell from 1893.

Stig Andersen Hvide (Marsk Stig's grandson) gave 1330 a farm in Egens to Essenbæk Kloster.

In the parish is earlier mentioned the houses Dunkballested (1661 Donchballested, 1664 Danchballesteed) and Stockholm (1688 Stockholm Huuset, 1693 Stockholm).

Names in the Middle Ages:
Egens (* 1330 Egens).

Listed prehistorics:A long dolmen with two disturbed chambers and two dolmen chambers with cover stones, all around Egens.
Demolished or destroyed: At least 4 dolmens, 3 stone graves, 4 hills. West of Egens is a small kitchen midden, at Egens was a burial place from early Roman Iron Age.

Source: Trap Danmark, Randers amt, 1963
photo 270303: grethe bachmann

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