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Hemmed church / Hemmed kirke, Djurs Nørre herred, Randers amt.

Hemmed Church, ab. 11 km northwest of Grenå
Hemmed sogn, Djurs Nørre herred, Randers amt

The small church without a tower has a choir and nave, which probably is from the late Romanesque period and a northern porch from the Reformation period. The choir and nave is in raw granite boulders with carved corner ashlars. The walled-in south door is only traceable by a frame stone outside. The north door is in use. In the north wall of the choir is a walled-in round arched window and in the nave to the north is a straight edged window in use. Both choir and nave have flat painted beamed ceilings. The porch is in granite boulders.

The altar piece is a plaster-reproduction of Thorvaldsen's Kristus figure surrounded by a pointed arch joinery. A Romanesque granite font with rope ornaments. Upon the corner of the foot are four male heads. A south German baptismal basin from ab. 1575 and the engraved coat of arms of Manderup Holck and Lene Juel. A pulpit from 1621 in Renaissance with portal-fields and corner pillars and the coat of arms of Dorthe Juul and her late husband Jørgen Kaas. It was repaired in 1947.

North Djursland, Bønnerup, at the beach

Names in the Middle Ages:
Hemmed: (*1404 Hemmed, 1464 Hæmeth)
Bønnerup: (*1470 Bønndrup marck, 1487 Bøllrwp, 1496 Byldrop)

A sacred spring Sct. Peders Kilde is at Stavnshoved by the beach.

At Stavnshoved is a large vandreblok, (glacial erratic) Pekkenil-stenen.
In a bog in Bønnerup were in 1854 found 63 coins from Chr. IV's and Fr. III's period.

Listed prehistorics:
One long dolmen, 3 dolmen chambers, 3 long hills, 70 hills , a stone cist and an oval stone grave. In one of the dolmens at Emmedsbo were found a thick necked axe, a war axe and a clay cup. Halfpart of the hills and 3 long hills of which one is 6o m long are in Emmedsbo plantation; 5 of those hills are rather large. Other large hills are: One close to the coast at Albertinelund, where are 5 other hills and one stone cist, Holteshøj and 3 Ørnshøje at Bønnerup; Regildshøj or Relshøj west of the plantation, Tinghøj in Brøndstrup plantation, one of the Stodishøje north of Hemmed (2 are demolished).
Demolished or destroyed: one dolmen and 40 hills.

Source: Trap Danmark, Randers amt 1963.

photo 2004/2007: grethe bachmann

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