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Binderup church / Binderup kirke, Gislum herred, Aalborg amt.

Binderup Church, ca. 10 km southwest of Aalborg
Binderup sogn, Gislum herred, Aalborg amt.

The small church in Binderup has a Romanesque choir and nave with a western extension, built in granite ashlars. In the re-worked walls are only seen a few details, i.e. from the original Romanesque east window. The nave was early extended to the west and the south door moved to the gable. The choir and nave have beamed ceilings. The small white-washed tower is mainly in raw boulder and monk bricks ; it was built in the end of the Middle Ages. It had originally a point-arched arcade to the nave, but this was early bricked-up and a door was made in the west gable. The porch is now with a wall-shell in small bricks but is probably medieval in its core. At a restoration in 1939 traces from frescoes were found, most in bad condition and only an inauguration cross at the north wall of the choir and a sketch under the choir arch are preserved.

A Gothic altar piece and a chalice from the 1600s. Large Renaissance brass candelabres. A Romanesque granite font with simple leaf-decorations. A south German baptismal bowl from ab. 1550. A Renaissance pulpit from ab. 1600 with arcades and with entrance via the triumph wall. New pews. A small church bell without inscription from early Middle Ages.

Binderup Aa

Names in the middle ages and 1600s:
Store Binderup (1442 Bindrop, 1557 Stor Binnervp); Lille Binderup ( 1501 Litlebiennerup); Højslev Vandmølle ( 1557 Høxle-Høgsle mølle dam, 1610 Hoffslemølle) .

In the southern part of the parish were two villages, Lønnerup (1557 Lønnervp gard, Lønnervp dam) and Højslev at Højslev Mølle.

Borremose, Appleblossoms and Jersey cattle

Listed prehistorics: 9 hills, of which 3 large Bjørnehøje southwest of Lille Binderup and 3 Nordhøje north of Lille Binderup. Besides the fortificated village upon an islet in Borremose; out to the islet leads a pretty stone paved road; around the islet is a bank with a moat and inside are the house sites of a village, where the houses (32) are placed along a curved paved street. It seems as if the place was a stronghold/ fortification in the beginning and then later became a village. Iron Age. Findings from the village are exhibited at Vesthimmerlands Museum in Års. (Museumscenter Års)
Demolished or destroyed: the passage grave Kesselhøj at Lille Binderup. and 3 stone cists.

In Borremose were found two bog bodies with rests of clothes. At Store Binderup was found a pretty grave from Roman Iron Age in connection to a settlement from the same period.

Source: Trap Danmark, Aalborg amt, 1961.

Borremose Fæstningen
Vesthimmerlands Museum

photo Binderup and Borremose May 2007: grethe bachmann

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