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Flejsborg church / Flejsborg kirke, Års herred, Aalborg amt

Flejsborg Church, 10 km south of Løgstør
Flejsborg sogn, Års herred, Aalborg amt.

The church has a Romanesque choir and nave and a porch from 1841. The nave and choir has a flat beamed ceiling and is built in granite ashlars. The south door is preserved while the north door is walled-in and partly destroyed by a new window. No original windows are preserved, the present light-openings are in various shape and size and placed from time to time. In the ashlar walls are many repairs with bricks and cement. Upon the north side is an ashlar with a lion figure. The choir arch is extended and is now point-arched. Probably in Gothic period was built a western tower which bottom room was connected to the nave with a pointed arch-opening. The tower broke down in the end of the 1600s and was demolished - and the tower arch was walled. The white-washed porch is in red and yellow bricks. The ashlars walls are blank . (except the western gable white-washed) . A wooden klokkegalge (bell gallow) is placed by the eastern gable.

The communion table is yellow bricks from 1935. The altar piece is simple Renaissance , below the present paint is an old decoration with paintings. A strange silver embroideret chasuble from ab. 1700. A newer baptismal font in painted sandstone. For a period was used a wooden font in Louis-Seize from Års Church - it is now on the porch-loft. A pulpit in Renaissance from the beginning of the 1600s. Pews from ab. 1800 similar to Hyllebjerg and Overlade Church. A medieval bell without inscription. In the porch is a runestone which in 1851 was found under the bell frame, the inscription is: "Thorkil satte stenen efter sin fader ...søn" ("Thorkil put up the stone after his father ...søn")

Opposite the church was a mare with a lovely little filly.

Names in the Middle Ages:
Flejsborg (* 1491 Flesborg); Ejstrup (* 1438 Eeszdrup); Lille Sjørup (1468 Lylle Syørup).

Upon Kirkebakken on Søndergårds land in Lille Sjørup, 130 m from Sjørup Sø (lake) is a listed kirketomt (church site). In 1885 were taken several stones from here (granite ahslars are found in nearby farms and Ulstrup church tower was according to tradition built in ashlars from the old church; but there are left rests of fundaments. The nave must have been 19,5 m long and 8 m broad, the choir ab. 6,5 x 6,5 m with a straight east gable. The dike of the church yard was still seen in the 1850s.

Listed prehistorics:
A stone cist and 17 grave hills, of which Kodhøj at Lille Sjørup and Storhøj north of the church. A runestone in the church is also listed. (see the church description).

source: Trap Danmark, Aalborg amt, 1961

photo Flejsborg kirke 2004: grethe bachmann

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