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Storvorde church / Storvorde kirke, Fleskum herred, Aalborg amt.

Storvorde Church, 10 km east of Aalborg
Storvorde sogn, Fleskum herred, Aalborg amt.

Romanesque granite font and hourglass on pulpit

The whole church building in Storvorde is late Gothic, built ab. 1500 in yellow monk bricks. In some places, especially in the triumphal wall and the western wall of the nave are some granite boulders and a few granite ashlars in the bottom section of the choir, possibly from an earlier building at the spot. The flat-arched north door is in use, but there are only weak traces from the south door. No original windows are preserved. The choir opens to the nave in a pointed triumphal arch. It has an un-finished star-vault, while the nave has a beamed ceiling. The tower's cross-vaulted bottom room is connected to the nave with a pointed tower arch. It is almost contemporary to the other part of the church; the upper section of the tower is much re-walled. The porch has a beamed ceiling.

primitive frescoes

crucifix ab. 1520 and sidefigure ab. 1300s

sidefigure ab. 1300s and Madonna, Claus Berg's North Jutland workshop ab. 1572.

The communion table is covered in a panel work from the end of the 1500s with diamond shaped fields. The altar piece is a Lutheranian triptychon from the same time with a top from 1710 and a Rococo-painting. Romanesque granite font with leaves on the basin. Choir arch crucifix from 1520 with fine side figures from ab. 1300. Furthermore a sitting Madonna-figure from 1350 and one standing Madonna-figure from ab. 1572, a magnificent work from Claus Berg's North Jutland workshop. Pulpit from 1612, a fine Renaissance work with name Hr. Christen N(ielsøn), rural dearn in Storvorde. The walls of the nave are covered in panel work from 1710 . Upon the door- wing of the porch is a keyhole plate from ab. 1750 formed as a priest. A late Gothic chest is now at the National Museum. Church ship from the end of the 1700s with Chr. VII's initials. Church bell from 1504 by Peter Hansen, Flensborg.

Church ship from the end of 1700s with the initials of Chr. VII

Names in the Middle Ages:
Storvorde (* 1345 Yterworthugh, 1406 Vdre Worthæ, 1461 (Stor(e)wordw).

In 1216 pope Innocens III confirmed Viborg bishopric's ownership of Storvorde.

The peasant Esbern Nielsen from Storvorde, who caught Skipper Klement on his flight from Aalborg in December 1534, got in 1539 as a reward a krongård (Crown-farm) in the parish, free of all expenses.

No listed prehistorics. Demolished: 3 hills. A Iron Age settlement west of the railway station and an early Roman stone grave in the western section of the parish.

Source:Trap Danmark, Aalborg amt, 1961

photo Storvorde kirke 2008: grethe bachmann

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