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Ullits church / Ullits kirke, Gislum herred, Aalborg amt.

Ullits Church, 25 km north of Viborg
Ullits sogn, Gislum herred, Aalborg amt.

Ullits Church is placed high upon a hill in the village with pretty dikes winding up and down hill around the church yard. It has a Romanesque choir and nave in granite ashlars, a late Gothic western tower in re-used granite ashlars, boulder and monk bricks and a porch from 1872 to the north. The bricked-up east window of the choir is original, or else the walls are very re-worked in the late Middle Ages, when the nave was heightened and the narrow choir arch and the doors of the nave were re-walled in monk bricks. At present the north door has been re-changed again and the south door is bricked-up, and here in the bricks is a small gruttesten (grindstone?) from prehistoric time, which in the Catholic period might have been used as an aspersorium. According to Pontoppidan's Atlas the heavy white-washed tower was lowered in 1745, caused by the church-owner Kammerherre Lüttichau of Lerkenfeld and it has now a pyramid roof. The tower room is connected to the nave in a broad round arched arcade. The white-washed porch is built in small bricks. Upon the walls of the tower room was in 1956 brought to light frescoes from the reformation period.

An altar piece from the beginning of the 1600s with free-pillars and inscriptions-fields. A Romanesque granite font with lion figures in high relief. A baptismal bowl in Nürnberg work from ab. 1550. The pulpit - with an entrance via the triumph arch - has arcade fields with winding bands and the carved year 1599. The largest part of the pews - both gables, backs and partly the seats - origin from the 1600s, several gables have the year 1618 and 1632, upon the rest of the gables are presently painted F C S 1354(!) The church bell without inscription hangs in a glug (opening) in the north side of the tower. Its a type from the 1300s.

Ullits, grave hill

Names in the Middle Ages:
Ullits (* 1461 Vlles, 1464 Wlles); Søkbæk (* 1461 Syckebeck, 1468 Søtbek, 1484 Sykbeck).

Listed prehistorics: 9 hills, of which one rather large at Søkbækgård.
Demolished or destroyed: 24 hills.

Source: Trap Danmark, Aalborg amt, 1961.

photo Ullits kirke 9. April 2009: grethe bachmann

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