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Skelund church / Skelund kirke, Hindsted herred, Aalborg amt.

Skelund Church, 10 km northeast of Hadsund.
Skelund sogn, Hindsted herred, Aalborg amt

The church has a late Romanesque choir and nave. The southern porch and the sacristi on the north side of the choir are from 1647. The small bell-tower at the east gable of the choir is from the 1800s. The Romanesque building, probably from 1250-1275, is built in monk bricks, but has only kept few original details, like a round-arched window and the round choir arch. In the late Gothic period were built cross-vaults in the choir and nave. The strange tower in small stones, which contrary to custom is placed by the east gable of the choir, is built together with two buttresses.

Upon the choir arch were brought to light some frescoes which were restored in 1958. The ashlar-walled communion table is re-newed. The altar piece is in high Renaissance from ab. 1600 with a painting from the 1800s. The Romanesque granite font has a smooth basin. South German baptismal bowl from ab. 1575. Pulpit from 1786 with the coat of arms of Andreas v. Arenstorff and Johanna Augusta Dietrich. A simple woodwork gallery is probably from the same time. Church ship, a three-master schooner "Håbet". Church bell from 1889, cast by "Løw og søn".

Names in the Middle Ages and 1600s:
Skelund (1461 Skælwm); Veddum (1436 Widum); Veddum Hylt ( 1664 Hyldt schou).

No listed prehistorics in the parish. But there were 6 hills in the western end. From Veddum are known graves from early Roman Iron Age.

Source:Trap Danmark, Aalborg amt, 1961.

photo Skelund kirke 2003: grethe bachmann

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