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Stenild church / Stenild kirke, Gislum herred, Aalborg amt.

Stenild kirke, 10 km northwest of Hobro
Stenild sogn, Gislum herred, Aalborg amt.

Stenild church has a Romanesque choir and nave and a Gothic western tower. The Romanesque buildings are in granie ashlars. The east and north windows in the choir are preserved and in the north wall of the nave were at present re-opened two larger windows in Romanesque type. The other windows of the church are neo-Romanesque. The choir arch is original with profiled kragbånd. The tower has the same broadth as the nave and is up til the roof-height of the nave built in granite ashlars. Above this in raw boulderat but at present it was face walled in bricks . The tower room was connected to the nave in a broad point arched arcade, but this has been bricked up at present and the room equipped as a porch. Both doors are high, broad and round arched, the north door walled-in. The church has a modern beamed ceiling.

The granite communion table is covered in a simple Renaissance panel. Altar piece from the beginning of 1600s with wings; on the foot piece the coat of arms and initials of Vincens Lerche of Lerkenfeldt and fru Cathrine Hedwig Wibe. Altar rails in wrought iron 1920. Upon the north wall of the choir hang fragments of an antependium in velvet with the year 1669. A magnificent granite font with lions and male human heads in high relief, one of Denmark's largest Romanesque granite fonts.A baptismal bowl from 1500s, a Nürnberg work. A pulpit in Renaissance with free-pillars and arcades, according to inscription given by H. Esbern Iørensøn and Oluf Laurensøn 1619. Organ upon western gallery.Upon the church yard west of the church a large grave stone in Romanesque type with a cross.

Names in the Middle Ages:
Stenild (1436 Stenwedel); Boldrup (* 1439 Boldrup); Røjdrup (1486 Rygdrvp); Hannerupgård
( * 1555 Handrup).

Mogens Thomesen Seefeld sold in 1447 Boldrup to the bishop in Viborg. In one of the Crown's farms in Boldrup lived in 1558 Vogn Andersen Griis.

Niels Jonsen (Viffert) of Torstedlund achieved Hannerup in an exchange wit the Crown in 1578.

Hans Skovgåaard's widow Anne Parsberg of Gundestrup exchanged in 1585 with the Crown the farm Rejdrup and the half of Rejdrup mølle. The estate was endowed in 1593 to Erik Lykke.

Listed prehistorics: A stone cist at Røjdrup, a longhill and 35 hills; larger hills are Tohøje at Røjdrup, Hanhøj at Hannerupgård, Hørbyhøj and a large hill west of Stenild.
Demolished or destroyed: 40 hills

At Stenild was found a flint sickle with wooden handle.

photo Stenild kirke May 2007: grethe bachmann

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