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Hyllebjerg church / Hyllebjerg kirke, Års herred, Aalborg amt.

Hyllebjerg Church, 17 km south of Løgstør
Hyllebjerg sogn, Års herred, Aalborg amt

The white-washed church in Hyllebjerg is high-placed and visible from far away in the hilly landscape. The choir and the nave are the eldest sections, built in monk bricks; in spite of a Romanesque plan the church must probably be dated to the Gothic period. The pointed choir arch and the flat-curved south door seem to be original. The north door is walled in, but is traceable below a later window. From the late Middle Ages origins the impressive western tower in monk bricks. There is access to the bell-frame via a free stairway. The tower room opens in a round-arched archade to the nave. It has an original cross-vault, but the upper section is removed and the hole is covered in beams. The rest of the church has a beamed ceiling. The porch is new.

The communion table is original and in monk bricks , walled against the eastern wall. The altarpiece is a copy of Carl Bloch's Resurrection-painting. Romanesque granite font with a smooth basin and a high foot with corner leaves. Baptismal bowl , a Nürnberg-work from 1550-1600. Pulpit in rural Renaissance. The interior is marked by the well-kept closed pews from ab. 1800. Church bell from 1849.

Names in the Middle Ages and 1600s:
Hyllebjerg (* 1368 Hølleberg, 1468 Hylleberg); Svenstrup (1611 Suenndstrup); Holmgårde
(1611 Hollumgaard); Boltrup ( 1468 Baltrop); Drøsholm ( 1611 Drøs Holm).
Holmgård was exchanged by Laurids Ebbesen Udsen in 1634 to grev Valdemar Christian. In 1789 divided into 4 farms.

Listed prehistorics: 14 hills, of which 8 form a group Turshøje north of the church.
Demolished or destroyed: 5 hills. A bronze shield from Bronze Age found at Svenstrupgård.

At the country road, south of and below the church in a beautiful landscape is a parking place/picnic-area. A pretty place to get out and stretch your legs after a long tour in the car.
The landscape in Hyllebjerg bakker is a section of a nature hiking path in Himmerland .
Naturstien Nibe Hvalpsund Vesthimmerland

Source:Trap Danmark, Aalborg amt, 1961

Photo Hyllebjerg 2002/2008: grethe bachmann

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