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Torup church / Torup kirke, Hellum herred, Aalborg amt.

Torup Church, 12 km northwest of Hadsund
Torup sogn, Hellum herred, Aalborg amt

The high placed solitary situated church in Torup, (which was inaugurated to St. Martin of Tours), has a Romanesque choir and nave, a late Gothic tower and a porch from ab. 1900. The Romanesque building is in granite ashlars; the north door is preserved and in use, while the south door has disappeared when the walls were re-newed. In the church are two original windows, one open to the north and one walled to the east. Inside the round choir arch is preserved. In choir and nave was in the late Gothic period built a cross vault, and the small tower was an addition built in re-used ashlars and yellow monk bricks. The bottom room is not connected to the church, but is used as a tool room.

The Communion table in granite ashlars has a reliquary. The altar piece is "forsinket" (belated) high Renaissance , dated 1641 with the coat of arms of Margrethe Sandberg. In the middle field is a new cross . The altarpiece was renovated together with the Pulpit in 1722 by Susanne Kaas. The pulpit is from the same time as the altarpiece. A Romanesque granite font with a standing lion, its tail is swinging around the basin, which is also decorated with palm leaves.

Names in the Middle Ages:
Torup (* 1410 Torup, Torrup); Hellum (* 1453 Hellum, 1463 Hillum); Asp ( * 1493 Asph, 1494 Aspemarck); Tulsted (* 1493 Tulsted, 1494 Twelstorp, 1507 Tolsted); Frægelund ( * 1502 Fregelund).

Tulsted estate was in 1494 a farm belonging to the Crown. In 1588 it was endowed to Knud Brahe, but the same year Christoffer Kruse was the owner (and his sons Gabriel, Thomas and Enevold) In 1626 he sold T. to Sofie Sandberg, + 1649, widow after Enevold Kruse. Owners/Families: Sandberg, Kaas (Sparre-Kaas), Rosenheim, Gyldenlöve, Hvass, Brockdorff etc. Later sold to Sorø Akademi.

At Kapelbakke southeast of Torup is the site of a Romanesque church. Nave 7x10 m, choir 5x7m. The dike is visible almost all the way round. The church is mentioned in documents from 1494.

Vestergård in Hellum was pawned by the Crown in 1567 to Axel Juul of Villestrup.

The farm Frægelund was in 1502 exchanged to Niels Friis by Søren Munk (Vinranke-Munk) of Komdrup. Frægelund was earlier named Kratgård.

A farm Søndergård in Hellum (* 1494 Sondergortz gordsted) exchanged 1494 to the Viborg bishop Niels Glob.

Listed prehistorics: 8 hills, 2 impressive Baunehøje at Torup and Hellum.
Demolished or destroyed: 15 hills.

At Tulsted a large finding from Bronze Age: 3 necklaces, 2 broches, fragments of bracelets etc.

Madum Sø

The largest part of Madum sø is in Torup parish. Madum sø is a karstlake; the precipitation has dissolved the chalk causing an underground cavity where the loft collapsed. The lake is a hole in the earth filled with water, and it has no connections from either brooks or above ground outlets. The bilge water stands so high that the sinking of the earth has become a lake. Madum Sø is one of the cleanest lakes in Denmark, a socalled Lobelia-lake.

Source: Trap Danmark, Aalborg amt, 1961.

photo Torup kirke 2004: grethe bachmann

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