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Oudrup church / Oudrup kirke, Slet herred, Aalborg amt.

Oudrup Church, 10 km southeast of Løgstør
Oudrup sogn, Slet herred, Aalborg amt.

The church in Oudrup has a Romanesque choir and nave, the bottom section of a tower to the west and a porch to the south, which was re-worked completely in 1926. The choir and nave are in granite ashlars, the roof gables in granite raw boulder. From original details are partly preserved the east and north window of the choir, the straight edged doors ,the north door is walled-in, and the narrow round triumph-arch with profiled kragbånd. The tower in ashlars and monk bricks with an arcade to the nave was probably never finished. It is now under roof with the nave, but it had possibly earlier in 1617 an over-building in wood. The church has a grey-painted beamed ceiling in pine.

An altar frame given by the family Wibroe in Nibe; the former altar piece is described as four plaster reliefs by Thorvaldsen, placed upon the frame of a simple Renaissance piece. Chalice with a stamp for Thomas Hansen Pop, Aalborg (+ 1729). Modern ore candelabres; under the communion table stand two Baroque candelabres from ab. 1675. Altar rails like in Skarp Salling Church . A sandstone baptismal font, 1884; still ab. 1915 the old granite font with a simple flat basin upon a square foot was in the tower room. A small south German baptismal bowl from ab. 1575, engraved intitials MCKRD. A pulpit in late Renaissance, probably changed after 1641 when it is mentioned as very simple, restored in 1938; inscriptions in frieze- and postament-fields. A 27 cm high crucifix from the 1700s upon a raw built box. A new church bell on the western gable of the nave.

Names in the Middle Ages and 1600s:
Oudrup (1392 Owdorph, 1410 Abtorp); Brårup (* 1488 Østerbro, * 1491 Øster Broderup, 1558 Brorup); Hornbækgårde (* 1460 NHornbæk Vd, * 1473 Huornbeck); Brådshave (* 1475 Bratzhaffue); Brårupholm (* 1491 Holm, 1541 Brorvphollom); Gatten Hedegård ( * 1490 Torup Hiegard, 1611 Heedegaardtt).

Oudrup hede

Listed prehistorics: South of Brådshave a hill with rests of a passage grave, and upon Oudrup hede (heath) a hill, in which was a chamber with the prettiest Stone Age clay-pot ever found in Denmark; it is now usually named Skarpsallingkarret. Besides 3 longhills and 48 hills of which many are rather large.: Upon a hill north of the church a group of 9 hills, of which Bavnehøj; at Brådshave a group of 6; besides Møgelhøj west of the church. Spånhøj in a plantation to the south, Rønhøj and Lille Rønhøj at Oudrup hede.
Demolished or destroyed: A round dolmen and 32 hills. At Brådshave was a burial site with smallhills from Germanic Iron Age. An urn grave from Celtic Iron Age is known from Oudrup.

Source: Trap Danmark, Ålborg amt, 1961.

photo Oudrup kirke/Oudrup hede 6 May 2007: grethe bachmann

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